Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please Be Good To Me!!

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last entry which was in 2010. It had been almost a year already... Hahahaha. Now the new semester started already. A semester breaks filled with a lot of ball kicking a.k.a. futsal and rocking with a bunch of my friends is hard to let go at first. But now I’m doing greatly well. But not with my study of course. I have to take two subjects which I’m not very good at, which are biochemistry and biostatistics. Everything that has a connection with chemistry and math is really not my thing. If I’m a Superman, those two subjects are like huge loads of kryptonite being pile over my body. Why can’t the subject that I must take is biomusical or biosleeping or biofoolingaroundalldaywithoutworryinganything?? Haha.

I’m vulnerable now. What can I do? Well, since I’m not Superman, I can take all of the kryptonites and sell it to Superman’s archrival, Lex Luthor thus earning lots of money!!! LOL! But seriously, I need to gather up my spirit and kick some butt!! Hahaha. Since I don’t have a great chemistry with math and chem, I’ll try my best to build a good relationship with them. Biochem and Biostats! Please be good to me! I’m begging you! Don’t let me down! Let’s build a great future trigether!!! Hahahaha!!

Yes, it’s a short one. I’ve been meaning to write something else but let’s begin the 2011 entry with this. Nevertheless, there is plenty to come. Wuhu~

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