Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please Be Good To Me!!

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last entry which was in 2010. It had been almost a year already... Hahahaha. Now the new semester started already. A semester breaks filled with a lot of ball kicking a.k.a. futsal and rocking with a bunch of my friends is hard to let go at first. But now I’m doing greatly well. But not with my study of course. I have to take two subjects which I’m not very good at, which are biochemistry and biostatistics. Everything that has a connection with chemistry and math is really not my thing. If I’m a Superman, those two subjects are like huge loads of kryptonite being pile over my body. Why can’t the subject that I must take is biomusical or biosleeping or biofoolingaroundalldaywithoutworryinganything?? Haha.

I’m vulnerable now. What can I do? Well, since I’m not Superman, I can take all of the kryptonites and sell it to Superman’s archrival, Lex Luthor thus earning lots of money!!! LOL! But seriously, I need to gather up my spirit and kick some butt!! Hahaha. Since I don’t have a great chemistry with math and chem, I’ll try my best to build a good relationship with them. Biochem and Biostats! Please be good to me! I’m begging you! Don’t let me down! Let’s build a great future trigether!!! Hahahaha!!

Yes, it’s a short one. I’ve been meaning to write something else but let’s begin the 2011 entry with this. Nevertheless, there is plenty to come. Wuhu~

Monday, December 20, 2010

Gonzales: The Origin

Yus Gonzales. Some of my friends wonder where the name Gonzales came from. That is the main question that I would like to answer in this entry. Well, to tell you the truth, just like you, I also keep wondering where the hell it came from. LOL!! But after some hard work (a really hard one, trust me) I finally got the answers. It is all coming back to my mind now. My mind is clearer than ever. It’s like somebody put a damn spotlight in my head.

At the beginning of my ultimate investigation, I didn’t know where to start. It seems like this mystery doesn’t even gave a damn clue. Not even a tiny bit of it. I’m starting to lose my confidence and every part of my human body felt the wrath of laziness. Hahaha. Eventually I had pushed all of my strengths and my genius brain finally got a brilliant idea. I tried my luck by Googling it and for the first time in my life, I finally knew the meaning of Gonzales. It turns out that it means 'the son of Gonzalo' and it is a common Spanish surname. Now hold yourself there cowboy. Let me make myself clear. I’m not from Spain even though my face is like the Spanish people (LOLWTF?!) and I’m not the son of Gonzalo. So does it makes me Yus Fauzoles because I’m the son of Fauzi bin Hussin? Maybe… Hehe. Surprisingly, there’s also a city called Gonzales located in Monterey County in California, United States. I’m 100% positive that the city is named after me to honor me. Hahaha.

Come to think of it, I used the name Yus Gonzales in a chemistry assignment as my “glamour name” when I’m in form 5 (as you can see in the picture above). As the typist at that time, Fauzan or Puje would like to make our group members information more outstanding than other groups. He thought that making our name to be like a footballer name will impress Cikgu Yusoff thus giving us lots of marks. He even stated that our favourite teacher is Cikgu Yusoff. Hahaha.

But the true origin of the name came from the Play Station 1 game called Winning Eleven which is a football game. Puje used to come to my house everyday and played the damn PS1. So, he created a team of football featuring his friends including me in the game. At that time, I had to come up with a really good name and Yus Gonzales was the best that I came up with. Do you expect me to use Yus Beckham? No! It doesn’t fit my beautiful name and let’s face it. Beckham is not as handsome as me. Hahaha.

So that is the true origin of the name Yus Gonzales I guess. Maybe after this, if someone ever asks me again where the hell Gonzales came from, I’ll write a link of this blog entry on their forehead. Hahahaha! Until then!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Even though...

  • Even though I’m not as handsome as Brad Pitt..
  • Even though I’m not so fun to hang around with..
  • Even though I’m not as clever as Adi Putra..
  • Even though I’m annoying as hell..

Despite all of that, thank you for being my friends and also for accepting me for the way I am. I am so thankful because I had been given the chance to know all of you. Let the friendship bloom till the end of the time. You’re the greatest person that I ever know. Yes, you!! Don’t look at somewhere else... You’re so handsome and pretty as if you’re the angel fallen from the heaven. You’re so cute that makes me wanna squeeze your cute cheeks and shake your head repeatedly until you throw up. LOLOLOLOL!!

Now that I had forced myself to praise you and run away from the awful truth, you can contribute to me by treating me Pizza Hut, KFC or McDonalds. Please choose one wisely. Hahaha!

But, seriously, Thank You folks...

There are so many “Even though” in the beginning of this entry. There are all lies!! The facts are:-

  • I’m much more handsome than Brad Pitt. (So true)
  • It’s no fun to be hanged with a rope around your neck because it can block your respiratory tract and you will die eventually. (WTF?!)
  • It’s not so bad to be stupid because you’ll get to learn more than the clever people because they already know many things. (Does this makes any sense?!)
  • Hell is no good. Heaven is the place where all of us must be someday (Insyaallah). And we must work really hard for that. (Totally deviate from the “Even though” number 4)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

YouTube.. What?? I'm cute?? No!! YouTube!!

YouTube. I enjoyed it very much. Yes I watched YouTube but I do not wear a tube. Hahaha. Get it? No? Ok.... Moving on to our topic, YouTube was founded and launched on 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. They were all a former PayPal employees. But still I don’t know what is the connection between the PayPal, an e-commerce company with YouTube, a video-sharing website. I mean they were all work on the money, credit card and stuff like that initially, but how they came up with the idea like this? Who knows? Maybe they want the whole wide world to see their sick dance moves but they don’t have the right medium to do it. I’m just saying… Huhu.

If you have a YouTube account, you can upload your own video. All kinds of them. Take this ginger boy for an example. He uploaded a video to express how mad he is to the society that keeps making fun of him. You should watch it. He is so angry. LOL. Besides, you can subscribe to another people account (or also known as channel) and YouTube will give you an update about them. I have a channel. Well, technically it is not a channel since I didn’t upload a single video in it. Huhu. I just use my channel to subscribe to someone else’s channels. These are the channels that I subscribed to:-
























There you go, a total of 23 subscriptions. I put the links so you can go check’em out. This is going to be a long entry. So, grab your popcorn and please put on your 3D glasses. Yeah, the one that you used to see the 3D movies at cinema. Hahaha.

agcoco ambobzeela nohhujan xfmadmin linkinparktv

As you all know, I love music very much. What? You don’t know?? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know, because now you just know. Hahaha. The above channels except for linkinparktv and xfmadmin channels are all belongs to the band members of Hujan (Well d’oh... How can Linkin Park and XFM be the band members of Hujan). Sadly however, they didn’t upload or update their videos for ages now. You can watch lots of Hujan videos at ambobzeela channels because Ag and Noh are just too lazy to upload videos. Haha. I love XFM so much because they uploaded lots of performances from the indie bands to their channel. You can watch Xgig Xtended sections on their channels and find your favourite bands there. And if you’re a Linkin Park fans, you will find their channel very interesting. They even uploaded videos of them recording their latest albums, A Thousand Suns.

AnimalPlanetTV DiscoveryNetworks NationalGeographic

As a person that had fully dedicated his life and willing to put his life for the sake of the mother nature and animals (A total lie), I found this three channels interesting. They uploaded videos about environment, our daily life, history, wildlife, stuff like that. Of course I didn’t watch all of the videos. I only watch the video that have a hot girl in it. I don’t even care about all of the animals or our environment. They are all lame... Hahaha. I kid, I kid. But seriously, if you are into this kind of stuff, do check’em up because you’ll find bunch of amazing stuff there. About nature of course, not about those hot girls (or you can change it to hot guy if you’re a girl, unless you’re a lesbian)... LOL.

BelacandanPaku BenBradshaw1

What the hell?! How can belacan and paku being mixed? I can’t even find the connection between those two words. I mean belacan can be eaten. But can you eat paku?? Well of course if the paku is being mix with pakis. Hahaha. Actually, Belacan and Paku are the names of this two Mat Salleh who had stayed at Malaysia for quite a long time and they felt in love with Malaysia. They can speak Bahasa Melayu and they also play sepak takraw. But not as pro as me... Hehe. Ben Bradshaw is just like Belacan and Paku, he had stayed in Malaysia and they also know each other. But their reason in making the video is totally different. Ben makes videos to teach us about English and try to learn Bahasa Melayu from us at the same time while Belacan and Paku are comedian. Trust me, it is very funny to see these three Mat Salleh talking in Bahasa Melayu but at the same time, I am proud of it.

Askcharlie hiimrawn IanH Onision RayWilliamJohnson reallyannoyingorange ShaneDawsonTV Smosh

So many channels... But what exactly do they have in common? They made me laugh (sometimes I didn’t laugh at all because I can’t understand their jokes and puns). They were all comedians in their own way. Shane Dawson is one of the biggest stars on YouTube and his videos overally is about loving yourself for the way you are and try not to be someone else. If you don’t love yourself, will others love you?? (Cewah...) He is funny and his videos also contain nasty stuff. Don’t say that I don’t warn you! Hahaha. Onision is a fan of Shane but I don’t watch his videos a lot. I don’t know why I subscribed to this guy but I think he is funny too. I also did not watch lots of hiimrawn channel’s video. I only subscribed to him because of this funny parody of Lady Gaga and Elton John. Haha. It was so epic. My favourite is the drummer. See the video then you’ll know what I mean. Do you think an orange is not annoying? It is annoying if it can talk like this orange freak. The name of the channel, reallyannoyingorange describes it all. It is so damn annoying. Well, to tell you the truth, it’s funny after watching a few videos of it but eventually, I’ve got bored of it. Huhu. The channel name raywilliamjohnson is also the name of the guy that review and also make a joke about the viral videos on the internet. So, you get to laugh and know the latest viral videos on the net. No, don’t get the wrong idea here ladies and gentleman.. Viral video is the video that hit a high number of views in a short time. It is not videos that infect your body cell and try to replicate itself just like those malicious viruses! Hahaha. The channel I like the most in this category is Smosh. It consists of this comedy duo, Ian and Anthony. I don’t know why, but I love to watch their videos. It is so funny. I laughed till I wet my pants and my pants slip off to the ground! Luckily I always wear two pants.. Hahaha. IanH is the channel where they will upload their vlogs. I don’t know what is the meaning of vlog is but I think that it is the combination of the word violin and logarithm. Doesn’t make sense right?? Well it is because I lied to you. Hehe. Ok2... I think it is the combination of the word video and blog where you post a blog entry by using video. Askcharlie is also a channel from that originated from Smosh. Charlie is blessed with a weird mouth that gives him an ability to talk. He is a drunk guinea pig that will answer a chosen questions from the viewers that can give a question at the comment section below the video. I think he is from England by considering his weird accents. Huhu. I found that the way he read the questions is so hilarious. Fuh.. So long... I wonder if anybody going to read this knowing that we didn’t even reach 30% of this entry yet... Hahaha.

DRUM Machinima nick6674 TeamFourStar TopGear

Drum is one of the instruments that I really like. Initially, I want to subscribe to my favourite drummer, Travis Barker (former Blink182 drummer) but I cannot find his channel. Haha. So I subscribed to this channel hoping that someday he will appear in one of the video... Hehe. Machinima is a computer animation that is made from a game such as Halo or Call Of Duty. I subscribed to this channel because of the series called Arby and Chief (if I spell it right. I'm not good in spelling. Microsoft Word corrected it for me.. Hehe.) that is so funny in the first two seasons but it doesn’t anymore in the next seasons. I’m kinda disappointed with that... It makes me cry for three nights.. In my dream... Hahaha. At last, my only friend with the channel and videos. Her channel is called nick6674. I wonder why she named the channel like that. It’s not commercial at all. I’m also disappointed with you Aitea... Hahaha. Aitea (now this is what I call a commercial name!!), a friend of mine from UMT uploaded videos of her singing a cover version of a song to her BFFs . But she is a shy girl. How can I tell that you ask? It is because all I can see in the videos is just a plain wall! Maybe Aitea was singing in the bathroom and her friends recorded it with a video camera. Hahaha. Nice job Aitea. But I still think that it would be better if I play the song with my guitar and you sing it. It just my opinion dude, don’t marah2 me okay... Hehe. TeamFourStar is not just ordinary team. They dubbed the Dragon Ball Z anime and make it so damn funny. I think you should watch it. You’ll get addicted just like me. I never thought that Goku and friends are so hilarious. Huhu. Now the TopGear show is has something that others cars TV shows don’t have. They are so freaking funny! How can a car show can be funny? At the beginning, I also keep wondering but now I don’t really even care. As long as it can make me laugh, I’ll be watching it. It’s one of my favourite TV shows and I can’t get enough of it, so I subscribed to their YouTube channel. Hehe.

It’s a long entry but I hope you can get some benefits from it. Hahaha!! If you look at the right side of the blog, you’ll feel awkward. You’ll be thinking that something is wrong somewhere! No! It’s not my handsome picture... Don’t look at it... Malulah saya... Hahaha. It’s my blog archive. I’ve finally write more than one entry in a month. It’s a historical day to me... Thank you... I will remember today’s date for the rest of my life and I’ll celebrate it like crazy! Wait, what is the date for today again? Hahaha. I'm a little bit schizo... But not flizo... LOL. (Someone made me use that schizo word, but I don't now how to use it. But I know it rhymes with flizo...Hahaha)

Last word for this short entry:- If you have a YouTube account, do add me as fiend. You can find my channel here!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Pleasant Ride Back Home

Assalamualaikum! Wasup2 y’all?!! Hahaha... My final examination for this semester which is my third semester at UMT had officially ended this evening. I felt like shouting when I went out of the examination hall but I’m a bit shy. Hahaha. Alhamdulillah... The restless nights and days have come to an end. So, I guess it’s time for me to say goodbye to Terengganu and hello Kelantan!! Hoho.

I’m planning to go back home to Kelantan tomorrow, riding my loyal horse made by Yamaha. Others may call my horse 135LC. Hehe. It’s my moped bike. I’m a little bit worried about the weather because the rain does not stop pouring down from the sky as if there has been a leak at the giant pipe channel at the space above. Hahaha. So, I’m just hoping that there will be no rain tomorrow and I can ride my horse happily ever after. LOL!!

It is about safety when I ride back home. Listed below are all the things that I wear when I take a long journey:-

1. Snow jacket (In case of snow pouring down suddenly)
2. Jeans (Not so Ori one)
3. Shoes (That I bought from WCY mall..LOL)
4. Helmet
5. A pair of earphone sticking on my ears
6. Seatbelt...Hahaha

I know that the jacket is too overwhelming but it’s for safety reason. How could one of my coursemate, Encik Daer said to me once, “Are you going to participate in Motor GP?”. How could you underestimate me in front of all of our coursemates?!! Actually, no one paid attention to us..Hahaha. Well Encik Daer,I take it as a praise... Hehe. I know that the earphone is not very safe but hearing my MP3 help me to regain my consciousness because I can do a little bit of sing-along with my favourite singer or band... Hahaha. Once, I felt asleep on my bike for awhile. Thank God the road was straight. Huhu. But not anymore with my MP3!! Yeah!! Oh, and for the seatbelt, I use it to secure my jeans so that it will not slip off when I’m seating on the bike. That’s why it is being called seatbelt.. Hehe.

Usually, the journey takes about 2 hours. What I hate the most is when there is a non-legal “pedestrian” crossing the road. They did not pay the road tax!! They did not even use the zebra crossing to cross the road. You may call them lembu and kambing. Hehe. They are so dangerous because they suddenly jump and cross the road just like that! Someone should teach them road safety! LOL!
I guess that’s all for now. Please pray for me so that I can get back home safely. Peace out y’all!!

PS - See?! Im not kidding you! It's a horse! A mutant bike-horse from Yamaha!! Hahaha

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Very Fun English Guy

Hey peeps!! Guess who’s with me this time? No, he’s not Serena Williams nor Venus Williams!!! He’s Mr. Williams!!! Yay!!! This was my lecturer that I told you about earlier. Yes, that freakingly tall guy. What? You are saying that he is not that tall? Oklah... I know he is not that very tall but I put that word before tall just to give some dramatic aura to my blog. Hahaha. Someone had asked me to put Mr. Williams’ picture. So I said to myself I’ll give it a try. Then I gave it my best shot. And what happen next is a pure magic!!! The picture appeared in my blog!!! (Forgive me for my exaggeration).

So, take a good luck at him folks. I’m very lucky to have him as my lecturer before. He taught us, a whole bunch of pre-vet students in a way that I never experienced before. His ways of teaching is so unique. There was lots of game in the lecture so we didn’t get so stressed up. Furthermore (ceh.....), his UK slang had successfully convinced me that I’m not in Kelantan at that time, but I’m in London. But when I went out of the class I felt like I had been cheated... How could you... Hahaha. Sadly however, none of us is taking the veterinary courses at UMK (LOL!!!). Anyway Mr. Williams, if you are reading this, on behalf of my course mates, I want to say thank you for teaching us fun English and for giving us moments to remember. Cheers~~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Self Statement

Let me make myself clean and clear (Neither I’m using this product nor I’m promoting this product to you). This blog was created by me because I’m forced to do it or my life will be in great danger... What could possibly be the danger? Listed below are the possible answers. You may choose one or more answers. Please circle the answer patiently and do not copy someone else’s answer.

a) I could get pregnant. (What??!!)
b) Lady Gaga will kiss me repeatedly. (Is HE a lady??)
c) A well known ninja from Japan called Naruto will kick my ass. (No kidding!!)
d) None of the above.

The answer is quite obvious right? Hahaha. No, I won’t get pregnant you Silly Lilly. Unless you are a guy or girl called Silly, you are not Lilly and vice versa (What the??!!). What I’m trying to say here is my English lecturer at University Malaysia Kelantan forced me and a whole bunch of my course mates to do it. When I say English, he is true and pure English man... Hahaha. He is from England, freakingly tall, and he insisted us to call him Mr. Williams.

The main reason for us being forced to set up a blog is to improve our English ultimately and maybe we will eventually speak fluently than Mr. Williams. Unfortunately, it did not happen… So, that is why the first and second post in this blog has nothing to do with anything. It was just an assignment that was being done lazily by me. I’m as lazy as the lizard (This is actually a well known idiom from Cameroon… Not!!! Hahaha). Besides, it also explains why the design of my blog is just like a crap. Maybe you would like help me to decorate the design or giving it a little makeover? However, the rewards for you may differ. If you are a girl, the reward is we could go somewhere and have a drink together as a token of my appreciation to you. But if you are a guy, I would like to just say, “Hey, thanks dude!”. Hahaha. Pffft… As if someone would really want to help me doing that.

Anyway, that is also the reason why I post my blog in english. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not being cocky or something here, but I’m trying to improve my English la folks… I’m proud to be kelantanese but when I’m trying to go to interview or something, they expect me to speak fluently in English you know… Why the government doesn’t make it easier by making the kelantanese as the mother language?? By doing that, I’m pretty sure I will get assign to be the CEO of Petronas or maybe the President of USA. Hahaha. So you’ve understand the reason now folks? If you still do not understand and you still need some crappy answers, please go to your nearer shop and buy me something to eat because I’m starving… Hahaha.